Frequently Asked Questions


How many schools does Cumberland Valley School District serve?

In addition to our 10 district schools, we service 22  other schools located within 10 miles of the district boundaries. We also provide transportation for students requiring special education services.

How many students does the CVSD Transportation Department serve?

For the 2015-16 school year, we provided services for about 9,100 students (inclusive of non-public students.)

How do I know what bus/van number my student rides on?

Each bus supporting the school district has a set of black numbers on the front and back of each bus.  However, the school district organizes the three bus contractors into a number series for easier tracking and coordination (Kauffman Bus: 100s, Miller Bus: 200s, Rohrer Bus: 300s). These numbers can be found on the bus door or left side window behind the driver's window.  For vans, the numbers will be posted in the windows on both sides of the van.

When speaking with the district transportation office, please use the series number for faster service.  For our online services (bus stop locations/times), the district transportation office uses the series numbers for identification.

The bus drives right past my house. Can it stop at my house?

We regularly receive requests for house stops.  ‘Community stops’ are used to be convenient for groups of students in subdivisions. If we accommodate your request, in fairness to others, we would also need to honor similar requests. 

How far may a student be asked to walk to a school bus stop?

Pennsylvania law allows the school district to ask a student, regardless of age, to walk up to a mile and a half to a bus stop.  The mile and a half is measured by public roads and does not include any private lane or walkway of the student's residence.  Whenever possible, walking distances of all grade levels will be kept to a reasonable distance based on a variety of parameters (safety of roads, safety of stops, etc...).  Weather conditions is not a factor applied when making bus stop location decisions.

For additional safety precautions, the district does consult with the bus contractors and local police to determine if a bus stop location is unsafe.  

What time should I have my child at the bus stop?

We ask that students arrive at least 5 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. There will be fluctuations in the schedule, especially during the first few weeks of school.

We live on a cul-de-sac. Will the bus come down our street?

Typically, buses are not routed into a cul-de-sac as these stops are considered unsafe for the following reasons: 

1.    Cul-de-sac stops create blind spots that may cause students to enter or exit within the danger zone around the bus.

2.    Different styles and sizes of buses make maneuvering in cul-de-sacs difficult.

3.    The rear of the bus could potentially swing around too close to the sidewalk/road curb.

4.    Parked cars and other obstacles create road hazards that may not be seen until the bus enters the cul-de-sac at a point of no return.

5.    The potential for property damage to mailboxes and landscaping exists in cul-de-sac areas.

I leave for work early and can’t watch my child get on the bus. Can the stop be at my home?

In order to be consistent and fair in placement of bus stops, Cumberland Valley is not able to establish stops based upon personal circumstances.

I can’t see my child from my house. What should I do?

For many parents, not being able to see their child from the home has been the norm. For younger children, we highly recommend that parents ensure their child’s safety by going to the bus stop with the student or by sharing the responsibilities with other parents at the bus stop location. Student transportation safety is a shared responsibility between families and the school district.

How are bus stop locations established? 

Please refer to the Cumberland Valley School District Transportation Guidelines.

Why are there only a few students on some buses while my child’s bus is crowded?

Decisions regarding each bus route are made based on information from school registration, previous similar routes and Department of Transportation data. Most routes are set in late summer and changes can be expected during the first few weeks of school. Sometimes it is just not possible to have the same  number of students on every run. 

My child goes to a daycare provider before and/or after school. Will he/she be provided transportation?

Transportation will be provided if the daycare provider is located within the child’s school attendance area. 

There is a split custody agreement for my child. Can he/she be assigned to two different buses?

Yes.  As long as both parents live in the Cumberland Valley School District, two different stops can be established.  The district transportation and registrar office will need to verify proof of residency for both parents prior to establishing two stops.  Depending on the age of the student, it's recommended that the parents discuss the housing/transportation plan with the student's principal to ensure the student is transported on the correct bus.

My child is starting kindergarten. Will the bus pick my child up in front of the house?

Morning kindergarten students will be picked up at community stops with other elementary students residing in the area. When possible, AM kindergarten students will be dropped off at their homes. Afternoon kindergarten students will be picked up at their homes whenever possible and dropped off at community stops.

Kindergarten students will not be dropped off without a parent or authorized guardian present to receive the student. If no one is at the bus stop to receive the student, the student will be returned to the school. The parent/guardian must then pick up the student from the school.

Why were bus stops eliminated/changed?

A number of neighborhood stops were eliminated to increase student safety, efficiency and timeliness of bus runs and to save money. The higher frequency of stops makes the motoring public impatient which can increase the chances of an accident. This results in people driving around the bus, a dangerous situation. It also delays the bus by increasing the number of stops and makes the student ride time longer. If just a few stops are added, the potential exists to impact the run negatively resulting in major route revisions or additional buses and expenses.

Why does my child have to cross the road to board the bus?

We are not able to route all buses so that all children board the bus on the door side. We suggest that children wait on the side of the street where they reside. The bus will stop traffic in all directions to accommodate students who need to cross the road. Once the safety lights are flashing and the stop sign arm is extended, it is safe for the children to cross the road.

Please review the proper crossing procedures with your child and remind them to watch the traffic while they are crossing.

Can my student take a pet/animal on their bus/van?  

No (with an exception).  Due to health and safety concerns, animals of any kind are not allowed on buses/vans.  The exception is if the animal is a service related animal that is documented and serves primarily as a service animal.  If there is a requirement to bring an animal to school, other transportation requirements will need to be made by parents/guardians.  A driver will not allow a student to enter a bus/van if there's an animal present (other than service related).

I have a concern about the safety of a bus stop location. What should I do?

If you have a safety concern regarding the bus stop that your student is assigned to, please send a communication to the transportation department with details for immediate review.  Emails should be sent to  You may also use the Bus Stop Change Request form. It can be completed and submitted to the transportation department online.

What should I do if I move during the school year?

Notify your child’s school of the change of address. You will be required to provide proof of residency (sales or lease agreement, mortgage papers, etc) to the school secretary. At that time new transportation information can be provided.

Can my child ride home on another bus?

We discourage this from happening. Additional students riding buses other than their assigned buses can cause disturbances in seat assignments and may create crowding issues.  

If your child must ride another bus, please contact the Transportation Department (506-3310) for approval beforehand. Additionally, your child’s school should be notified via note or phone call.

My child carries a large musical instrument. Can it be carried on the bus?

Many buses carry full loads of students and do not have room to accommodate large instruments or athletic gear. We ask that you provide transportation for your child on days that he/she needs to bring large items that do not fit on his/her lap to school.

What are activity runs?

Activity runs are a courtesy service the school district offers to middle and high school students staying after school for approved activities (i.e. athletics, extra-curricular activities.) Buses leave from Cumberland Valley High School at 4:30 each day. Please see the activity runs link for specific information.

We have students in private schools who are now required to ride with public school students. Why?

By using shared transportation, we are eliminating duplication of bus service and increasing overall efficiency while saving tax dollars.

How should I find out about school closings and delays?

Information regarding school closings and delays can be found on the school district web site home page.

Whom should I contact if my child left an item on the bus?

In the event that you cannot reach the Transportation Department, you may contact the appropriate bus contractor for instructions on how to reclaim the item.

 Kaufman Bus   717-737-3396

Bus #'s: 100-199

  Miller Bus        717-258-3371

Bus #'s: 200-299

Rohrer Bus     717-766-9205

 Bus #'s: 300-399

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