Use your “SnackSense”

The best snacks are ones that include healthy nutrient dense foods. Unprocessed whole foods make incredible snacks to fuel your body throughout the day and provide the energy you need to perform at optimal levels. There are so many quick and healthy snacks to choose from. You just need to make the decision to make smart snack choices. Try these healthy snacks when the hunger kicks in:

  • Fresh Fruits and Veggies
  • Whole Wheat Crackers
  • Low Fat Cheese and Cheese Sticks

Healthy snacks can have many benefits, especially if you keep healthy choices and right sized portions in mind. Some of these benefits include:

  • Supplies energy during times of the day when hunger strikes
  • Prevents extreme hunger and possibly overeating at mealtime
  • Fuels your body to prepare for exercise and physical activity
  • Creates opportunities to get the foods you may not get enough of at meals - fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low fat dairy.

This month’s Snack-sense” recommendation is:

Shizuka Apple

Shizuka Apple Review

About – Golden Delicious cross with Indo (Same parents as Mutsu)

Shape – Tall, very large, shaped similar to Golden Delicious.
Skin – Thin, cracks easily. Greasy. Has a grassy flavor to it. Mostly yellow, some green and a red flush.
Flesh – Yellow hue, soft, similar to Golden Delicious but more crumbly break than grainy. Light oxidation, only starts to to turn slightly brown then stops. Pretty juicy.
Taste – Buttery, literally! Strong fruity flavors, almost tropical. Some type of pineapple essence. Intense sweetness, almost to the point of pucker. Some tartness but not much. Subacid. Lips are not sticky after eating, I thought they would be.

Bottom line: Flat out sweet, pushing the envelope of too sweet, but never gets there. This may be what Golden Delicious aspires to be, but never was. Very large fruit, but what I saw at the orchard was about 50% of the fruit splitting on the tree. Bees and birds had a field day. Even a few split in my chest freezer. Soft flesh, may be a turn off to some that like a snappy apple. Long stem may make spraying easier.

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