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A. Information-Web 2.0
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Information-Military Information

Recognizing the challenges faced by military recruiters, the No Child Left Behind Law requires high schools to provide the same information to military recruiters as is provided to higher learning institutions. Upon request, educational and military recruiters will be given access to names, addresses, and phone numbers of high school juniors and seniors.

Please indicate your permission below if your student's information may be given to educational and/or military recruiters. . If your student is over 18, he or she must indicate their willingness to participate.

A list of the guidelines on military recruiters' and colleges' access to information can be found by reading this document regarding Access to High School Students and Information on Students by Military Recruiters.

C. Information -Giant Bonus Card

D. Information - Medical Insurance

E. Information - Free and Reduced

F. Information - Publicity Release

During the course of the year, Cumberland Valley School District uses various types of tools to assist us in our educational programs and public relations projects. These tools may possibly identify your child by name/building/grade, and include photographs, videotaping, audio-taping, social media, promotion of student work, and media/publications.

G. Directory Information
The District has designated the following as Directory Information:
  • Student Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
  • Date and place of birth
  • Degrees, honors, awards received
  • Most recent educational agency or institution attended
  • Participation in school sponsored activities and sports
  • Weight and height of members of athletic teams
  • Major field of study
  • Grade level
  • Photograph

The primary use for directory information is to include this type of information in certain school publications.  It is generally not considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if released. Examples of school publications are: Playbill or program, yearbook, honor roll, recognition in school newspapers, graduation programs, etc. In addition, directory information may be released to various media outlets in the form of press releases for the purpose of announcing honor rolls, various extra-curricular events and achievements, etc.

Be advised: In specific cases, directory information can and must be disclosed by Cumberland Valley School District to outside organizations without parent's consent. These include:

  • Other schools the student is seeking to attend (transcripts).
  • State or federal authorities who are auditing, evaluating programs, or enforcing state or federal laws.
  • A court order by a subpoena.

H. Information -Student/Parent Handbook

Elementary - Elementary Handbook
Eagle View - Eagle View Handbook
Good Hope - Good Hope Handbook
High School - High School Handbook

I. Information -AUP

Cumberland Valley's "Acceptable Use Policy" outlines the rules for students, staff and guests regarding utilization of the district's computer hardware, software, computer network, and the Internet. Every year the district requires student users and their parents to read this policy. It is required that you agree to this form indicating your child will abide by the rules stated in the online policy. We cannot permit students to use our computer equipment and network if YES is not selected.

J. Information -Social Media

Cumberland Valley's "Social Media Policy" outlines the rules and guidelines for students, staff, and guests regarding utilization of social media for school-related purposes. The district requires students and their parents, staff, and guests to read this policy. In order to utilize the district's computer hardware, software, computer network, and Internet, it is required that you select YES indicating that you have read and understand the policy.

K. Information -Electronic Device Policy

Cumberland Valley's "Electronic Communication Devices" policy outlines the rules and guidelines for students, staff, and guests regarding utilization of electronic devices during the school day. The district requires students and their parents, staff, and guests to read this policy. This policy is essential to the District's Bring Your Own Device plan. As a part of BYOD, students, staff and guests may choose to bring to school and use their own personal Internet-ready device. They will be able to access the Internet through an open network (filtering will remain in place as per the Children's Internet Protection Act to filter pornography and obscenities). The BYOD plan does not require students have a personal Internet-Capable device, but rather allows connectivity for those who choose to bring a device to school and allows for the use of such devices in classroom settings, when appropriate. CVSD is not responsible for the loss, theft, or damage of any personal electronic device.  Please read the Electronic Device Policy

L. Information -Random Drug Testing and Authorization to Disclose

We, the undersigned Student and Parent/Guardian, understand that the consumption of alcohol and the illegal use of controlled substances are unlawful activities which pose a substantial risk of harm to the Student and other members of the community. The Student hereby agrees to accept and abide by the standards, rules, and regulations set forth by Cumberland Valley School District Policy No. 227 (Drug Awareness/Paraphernalia). Under Policy No. 227, two procedures have been put in place to address the concerns about student use of drugs and alcohol: Random Drug Testing and Random Breathalyzer testing.

RANDOM DRUG TESTING (applies to students participating in privileged activities)Student participation in athletics, extra-curricular activities, co-curricular activities, and driving to school is a privilege. The Student's participation in these activities and the reputation of the school are dependent, in part, on the Student's conduct as an individual. By signing this General Authorization and Consent, if the Student participates in athletics, an extra-curricular activity, a co-curricular activity, or receives driving privileges, the Student and Parent/Guardian hereby agree and consent to having the Student participate in random drug testing for the duration of time the Student participates in the activity.

The Student and Parent/Guardian also authorize Cumberland Valley School District to conduct, and hereby consent to, a test on a urine specimen which a Student randomly selected for testing will provide for the purpose of screening for drug use. We also authorize the release of information concerning the results of such a test to the Cumberland Valley School District and to the Parents and/or Guardians of the Student.

RANDOM BREATHALYZER TESTING (applies to students participating in certain school social functions) the Student and Parent/Guardian acknowledge and understand that the Cumberland Valley School District has implemented random breathalyzer testing of students who attend certain school-related social functions, including but not limited to school dances, Winter Gala and the Prom. Students attending such social functions may be selected randomly for the purpose of undergoing breathalyzer testing prior to being permitted entry into the event. Breathalyzer testing will be performed by qualified individuals for the purpose of determining whether a student has consumed alcohol. The Student and Parent/Guardian hereby consent to Cumberland Valley School District administering a breathalyzer test to the Student that attends such a social function, in the event the Student is randomly selected for such test.

This also shall be deemed a consent pursuant to the Family Education Right to Privacy Act for the release of above information to the parties named above. These signatures signify consent to the standards, rules and regulations as set forth in Policy No. 227.


Under Section II of Policy 227, only students participating in a privileged activity may be randomly drug tested; only students attending certain school social functions may be randomly breathalyzed.

Health Disclosure Document to read a full copy of the Authorization to Disclose Individually Identifiable Health Information.

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