Book Title: American Government

    United States Government: Democracy in Action

Course Goal/Overview:

*AP US Government and Politics-

The Advanced Government course is designed to build analytical skills and knowledge of government. Students will not only look at the theory behind the workings of our government, but will also be applying these theories to current events. The course will require critical thinking and extensive outside requirements in reading, research, and writing. Emphasis will be placed upon primary research and will focus upon higher cognitive levels of learning. Students will explore government from theoretical and practical aspects. Throughout the course junior and senior students will conduct in-depth analysis and evaluation of the political system of the U.S. The student’s awareness of contemporary issues is also essential to this study and is promoted through a required summer project. All students must be recommended by a social studies teacher. Students will be expected to take the AP exam in U.S. Government and Politics.

American Government L2-

The American Government Level 2 course will concentrate on that government based in Washington, D.C. Level 2 courses are designed to provide college-bound students the opportunity to investigate social science concepts at a high level. The course will explore, through the use of the text and current events, in-depth the functions of the three branches of government: the executive, legislative, and judicial; their relationship upon one another; and their impact upon American society. In addition, this course will conclude with a study of state and local governments with emphasis on the role of the individual within the system and his/her responsibility to the community.

American Government L3-

The American Government Level 3 course will mirror the curriculum of the Level 2 course. The pace of instruction will be designed to meet student needs. This course help prepare students for college and/or the workplace. Students will participate in activities designed to increase social studies literacy and critical thinking skills. Emphasis is placed on vocabulary skills and the development of writing and speaking skills necessary for success in the future.

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