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Please note: The following list of Frequently Asked Questions will be updated as necessary. Specific questions regarding your individual student should be directed to your child's building principal.


2020-21 school year

(Updated July 20, August 14, August 18, August 24, 2020)
(Updated August 18, 2020 - "NEW")
(Updated August 24, 2020 - "NEW")


When is the first day of school?

We are currently on pace to begin school for all students on Monday, August 31, 2020, as proposed in the calendar that was approved by the Board on Monday, August 10, 2020. We are currently planning to have our teaching staff return on August 24, 2020.

What is the school day schedule for each building?

Start and end times for our school buildings have been adjusted to accommodate transportation schedules. Please click here to view the 2020-21 schedules.

How was the District’s Health and Safety Plan developed?

The District’s Health and Safety Plan, which serves as our Back to School Blueprint, was developed by a team of Board members, administrators, teachers, nurses, the school district’s physician, the school solicitor, and other staff members. Many of these task force members are also parents of Cumberland Valley students.

Further, the plan incorporates data from the District survey on returning to school and ThoughtExchange sent to parents in June, as well as guidance and planning guides from numerous state and federal groups to include the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the Centers for Disease Control, and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The most recent version of the District’s Health and Safety Plan.

What will determine how school looks throughout the school year?

Our hope is to open school on August 31, 2020and remain open. However, our Health and Safety Plan outlines three models of content delivery - fully online, hybrid, and fully face-to-face. The plan also addresses temporary closures due to positive cases. Ultimately, the determining factor will be the level of viral transmission during the school year within our region and within our schools. We plan to use incidence data from the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s COVID-19 Early Warning Monitoring System’s Dashboard to determine viral spread in our community.  We are still working to identify a more rapid way of knowing if a student or staff member has tested positive to determine viral spread within our buildings.

The District will continue to update the Health and Safety Overview sent out to parents on August 7, 2020.  A copy of the Health and Safety Overview can be found here.

Is there a back-to-school supply list available?

While you certainly may send your child to school with personalized supplies, Cumberland Valley School District, as we have in the past, will provide elementary students with all necessary supplies for use during the school day. We are, however, asking that students at all levels bring personal earbuds, a water bottle for daily use, and a minimum of two face coverings each day. Middle school supply lists are available on each building’s website under Parent and Student Information. High school supply lists are course specific and will be provided by teachers when classes begin. Students in the Virtual Academy will receive a device to use to complete their school work.

Will we host Back-to-School Night, Kindergarten Open House, and New Student Orientation?

Elementary Back-to-School Night will be hosted virtually. Look for more information in the coming days from your child’s school. We are currently working on developing plans to ensure kindergarteners and new students have an opportunity to visit their school prior to the first day.

Secondary schools will also host in-person orientations for new students and for all 6th and 9th grade students using a modified schedule and small student groups. Back to school nights will be hosted virtually this year. 

I signed my child up for CVVA. How do I know if they were enrolled?

All students who opted by August 14, 2020, to be enrolled into CVVA, including those who were placed onto the waitlist, will be registered for this fully-online program. A formal registration notice will be sent to those families in the coming days.

NEW! Why are CV School Board meetings being held virtually?
We are holding our Board meetings virtually to ensure public access while also complying with the Targeted Mitigation Order. Per the order, Board meetings are permitted to be held in person so long as the gathering limitations outlined in the order are followed (no more than 25 persons for indoor gatherings). Classroom settings and gatherings related to educational instruction follow a different set of guidelines. Please click here to view an FAQ regarding the order, and please see the highlighted text below which is directly from the FAQ.

Are school board meetings considered gatherings under theGovernor's Mitigation Orderand can they still meet?

Yes. A school board meeting is a gathering. Meetings may be held but must follow the gathering limitations outlined in the Order if meeting in person.


What will my elementary child’s school schedule look like at the start of school?

Elementary students K-5 will begin the year attending school face-to-face five days per week. To better adhere to best practices for student spacing we will minimize movement and contact by reducing class sizes. Students will be placed into groups of 20 or less and will spend most of their day within their classroom. Special education, gifted, and EL professionals will coordinate with general education teachers to provide support to students. Teachers will continue to differentiate core instruction in the most meaningful ways possible, using a variety of technology tools, synchronous, and asynchronous methods. Face-to-face students will receive art, music, and physical education synchronously. Each building will maintain an individualized schedule for these rotations. CVVA students will receive "special" content asynchronously.

Will elementary students still have recess?

Yes! Our elementary students will be able to get outside, play, and burn off some energy at school. Recess will occur in classroom cohorts, where students will be purposely scheduled to use various facility spaces, including playground equipment. Supervised children who are engaged in activities that keep them 6ft apart during recess will not need to wear a face covering. However, students who are playing within 6ft of other children will need to wear a face covering as per the Pennsylvania Department of Health Guidelines. It is our goal to provide opportunities for play during recess where students do not need to wear their face coverings.

We will continue to follow our “real feel” guidelines of 17-100 degree outside temperatures for both recess and physical education. Please dress students accordingly. 

How will my elementary child eat lunch?

While we are still finalizing plans, elementary students will likely eat lunch in the cafeteria or in a gymnasium at their school. Elementary students will be able to purchase lunches from the school cafeteria. In several elementary schools without separate gymnasiums, some elementary classes may occasionally eat lunch in their rooms. While this might look slightly different in each school, we want to ensure that students are supervised in a way that still allows for interaction with their friends. The needs of students with food allergies will also be taken into consideration when planning the lunch process and schedule for each classroom.

Students will maintain social distancing while waiting in line and will sit in a fashion that maintains appropriate distance between students. In cafeterias, when feasible, individuals will be seated in staggered arrangements to avoid “across-the-table” seating. Individuals will be required to sanitize or wash their hands prior to, and after, eating. We may consider using assigned seating for students in cafeterias and other congregate settings to help assist with contact tracing.

We will ensure that students on Free and Reduced Lunch, whether they attend face-to-face or Cumberland Valley Virtual Academy, have access to meals. More information on that will follow prior to the start of school.

What will my secondary child’s school schedule look like? What is the A/B schedule?

Simply put, we are unable to bring all secondary students in together while still achieving proper social distancing. Secondary students grades 6-12 will begin the year attending school on an A/B schedule - face-to-face two days per week and remote (online) instruction three days per week. Students will be grouped into classes of 20 or less, but will move between classrooms within the building based on their individual schedule. Please note: Schedules may be modified to reduce the number of students in hallways at any given time. Hallways will be one-directional or divided to help with social distancing.

Secondary students with last names A-K will be in Group A and will attend schools on Monday and Tuesday.  Students with last names L-Z will be in Group B and will attend schools on Thursday and Friday.

On days when students are working remotely they will complete a variety of assignments and have access to asynchronous video instruction as well. Teachers will have dedicated time during the day to respond to student questions and to provide students with additional support.

The high school schedule is significantly different than under normal circumstances.  A video specifically about the high school schedule can be found here.

Will A/B schedules be altered at the secondary level during weeks in which school isn’t in session at least one day (example: Labor Day, Columbus Day, etc)?

Yes. On days when the District is closed on Monday students in Group A will attend schools on Tuesday and Wednesday and students in Group B will attend schools on Thursday and Friday.  Additional cleaning will take place between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning to fully clean the buildings between cohorts.  Should there be a case of COVID-19 on Tuesday or Wednesday, it could affect student attendance in the B cohort during these weeks.

What is the school schedule for special education students?

The school schedule for students who receive replacement core instruction at the elementary school will be 5X per week (or as dictated by a student’s needs established in their IEP.) Students at the middle and high school level will receive replacement core instruction 4X per week at the secondary level (all secondary buildings are closed on Wednesdays). Individual IEP team meetings will be convened to address the specific learning needs of students who receive special education services and to work with families to address both educational and safety related concerns. Special education supervisors will be reaching out to individual families prior to the start of school. 

Will I be able to choose which schedule (A/B) my secondary child will follow?

Because of the complexity of the scheduling process, which is focused on maintaining 50% ridership or lower on buses while maximizing busing efficiency, families will not be provided with a choice for whether they will be on an A or B schedule. However, the District will work to ensure that all students in the same household are on the same schedule. A form to request a change for a child from A day to B can be found HERE.

Will my secondary child be provided with a device to use on the days in which they are not receiving face-to-face instruction? 

Yes! This year all students in grades 1-12 will receive a device (laptop, iPad, etc) for use throughout the entire academic year. More information will be provided in the coming weeks regarding this program.  

How will my secondary child eat lunch?

While we are still finalizing plans, middle school students will likely eat in the cafeteria or annexes so that there will be appropriate distancing between them. Middle school students can purchase lunch from the school cafeteria. New protocols will be in place to increase physical space between students and to reduce queuing. Additionally, while this might look slightly different in each school, we want to ensure that students are supervised in a way that still allows for interaction with their friends while maintaining distance between students so that students can comfortably remove their face coverings while eating and socializing.

High school students may purchase a lunch to take with them as they leave the building, but will not be able to eat in the school.  We will ensure that students on Free and Reduced Lunch, whether they attend face-to-face or Cumberland Valley Virtual Academy, have access to meals. More information on that will follow prior to the start of school.

Will school activities (field trips, assemblies, fun runs, evening events, etc) still occur?

Our staff will make sure that school remains a FUN place to be! However, we must do so safely. At this time, all field trips and other activities where social distancing cannot be easily maintained have been canceled for 2020-21. We will continue to provide specific core activities that fulfill our educational program. Additionally, there will also be no shared birthday treats of any kind.

Will the District still hold instrumental lessons?

It is still our intention to hold instrumental lessons. Secondary students - Because secondary students are in each class once or twice per week, we will not pull students from class for face to face lessons.  Secondary students in band and orchestra will have the opportunity to connect with their teachers remotely for individual or small sectional lessons. Elementary students – Because elementary students are in class each day, they will continue to receive lessons during the school day. There will be an opportunity for 5th grade string students who began playing their instrument last year to continue receiving lessons this year. The 4th grade string program will not begin this fall but will be revisited in January for a potential Spring start.  5th graders that would like to learn a band instrument will have the opportunity to sign up to do so in early September. CVVA students - Instrumental lessons will be offered remotely by one of our band/orchestra teachers.

Will visitors be permitted in the building?

All non-essential visitors, volunteers, and activities* (including assemblies and parties) that involve outside groups or parental supervised programming will not be allowed this year. *See above regarding activities that are a core function of our educational program. By greatly limiting additional individuals in our schools, we will be directly following CDC and PA Department of Health guidance and reducing the potential for viral transmission in the school environment.

Will my child have access to breakfast?

Yes. Breakfast will be available K-12  with elementary and middle school students eating in the cafeteria and high school students served in a grab-and-go model to eat in the classroom.  

Is the school schedule subject to change?

Yes. We will start with a blended/hybrid option at the middle and high school levels and small class sizes for face-to-face instruction at the elementary level. It is our hope to be able to move to a more traditional full time face-to-face model for all students. However, we believe we would have to significantly lower viral transmission in our region and have a demonstrated safe environment with very low or no cases in our schools for a period of several weeks before we would consider this option. There is the possibility that viral incidence in the region could also increase substantially to a level of substantial spread. The PA Department of Education has established that an incidence rate of more than 100/100,000 residents is considered substantial community spread.  Should that occur, and/or we begin to see large numbers of cases (more than 5 in a week’s time) in our schools we could move toward a contingency plan for full remote learning for some or all students.

At any point in the school year, should viral transmission require that we move to a district-wide fully-online option, students will remain with their day one teacher throughout the pandemic, regardless of whether students initially selected to start school face-to-face or in the CV Virtual Academy.

Is my child permitted to bring a water bottle to school?

Yes. Water fountains have been turned off as per the guidance from the CDC  and, therefore, the district is planning to install water bottle fillers in all buildings. Students should bring their own bottle with an opportunity to fill when necessary. To reduce the potential for queuing at the water bottle fill station, it is hoped that students can bring water with them to school, but it is not required. Should students need a container for water, one will be provided for them.

When will student parking passes be issued?

Students/parents will register for a pass via the parent portal in Skyward. There will be no charge for CVHS parking passes this year. Additional information about parking at CVHS can be found on the high school website.


NEW! Will my child be required to wear a face covering?

At the updated direction of the Governor and Secretary of Health, all students and staff must wear a face covering while on school transportation, in hallways, and in classes. When possible and within the exceptions of the order, we will provide opportunities for face covering breaks to help ensure student and staff comfort. 

The guidelines clearly define all options that are considered a face covering and also reviews medical conditions that fall within an exception to this order. You may view that order here.  Further guidance from the Department of Education requires that any student not able to wear a face covering due to a medical reason have this reason specifically recorded as part of a 504 agreement or IEP.

Parents/guardians will be responsible for providing a face covering that complies with the orders issued by the Secretary of Health and the Governor. We are asking that students bring a minimum of two face coverings to school with them each day to allow for changes in their face covering should one become soiled or uncomfortable. 

Will breaks from wearing face coverings be in my child’s schedule?

Our teachers will identify opportunities for students to remove their face coverings for breaks throughout the day.  It is our goal to ensure that our campus is a safe place for students AND that students are comfortable at school.  By spending time now identifying the best type of face covering for your child, you will greatly support both of these goals.

How are we enforcing the wearing of face coverings?

We have been informed by numerous staff members that they will be uncomfortable returning to work if face coverings are not required for students. Teachers will provide students with coaching and support to ensure they are wearing their face coverings appropriately.  Repeated willful and disrespectful refusal to comply with PA Department of Health and Department of Education requirements will result in disciplinary consequences for students up to and including removal from the face-to-face classroom mode of instruction.

What if a student cannot wear a face covering?

Students who cannot wear a face covering should experiment with other face coverings that are identified in the Secretary of Health’s order to see if one is available that meets their needs.  For students with medical conditions that do not allow them to wear any type of face covering, the district will work individually with student’s families to put in place safety procedures and other physical supports and distancing options to ensure that staff members who work directly with those students and other students within the building are safe. If you believe your child has a medical condition that would preclude them from wearing a face covering, please contact your child’s building principal.

Will my child be prescreened for symptoms?

Yes. We have developed a plan to prescreen all students and staff, to include temperature checks, for COVID-19 symptoms prior to entering any CVSD building on a daily basis. Parents/guardians will also be asked to complete pre-screening prior to putting a student on the bus and/or being dropped off at school. For this to work, neither students nor staff can attend school if they are symptomatic or ill. Each day, parents/guardians will be asked to presecreen their child using an electronic screening tool which will be sent to parents for review prior to the beginning of school. The screening tool will be based on symptoms identified by the PA Department of Health.

Specific protocols will be put into place to sequester any student or staff member who exhibits any COVID-19 symptoms. Should a child exhibit COVID-19 symptoms while at school parents/guardians must immediately come to the school to pick up the student.  Parents/guardians should have contingency plans in place for ensuring that an individual listed as an emergency contact in Skyward is available at all times to pick up a student should this occur.

How will the District manage healthcare privacy?

The District will abide by the regulations set forth by the Department of Health.

If our family travels during the school year to a state in which the recommended quarantine order is in effect, will my child be required to quarantine prior to returning to school?

While at this time the District does not have the authority to exclude students from school who have traveled to areas identified by the Governor and Secretary of Health as having a higher risk of COVID-19 incidence and potential for infection, we recommend students self quarantine and participate in remote learning only should they travel to an identified region, state, or country.

What are the daily cleaning procedures?

In addition to nightly cleaning of our buildings, our custodial crews will disinfect high-touch areas throughout the course of the school day. Additionally, all staff will be provided with appropriate cleaning products and be asked throughout the day to wipe down their personal spaces. Please also know that contractors will ensure that all buses are sanitized on a daily basis.

When possible, staff will keep each student’s belongings separated from others’ and in individually labeled containers, cubbies, lockers, or other areas. For devices and materials that must be shared, staff will ensure cleaning and disinfecting between uses.


What will transportation look like for my child?

School start and end times will be staggered by building so that buses can be rostered at 50% capacity. This will result in a slightly shortened school day. In all likelihood, buses will run at 30%-50% capacity due to expected increases in parent drop off and student drivers. Members of the same family who attend the same school may be seated next to each other so that we may increase the amount of physical distance between households.  We are still finalizing the specifics of the transportation schedule and will provide more information as available. Buses will be sanitized on a daily basis.

Please click here to view the school schedule.

I’m not comfortable with my child riding a school bus. May I drive my student to school instead?

Absolutely! Look for information closer to the start of school from your child’s building principal regarding student drop-off and pick-up procedures for the start of the 2020-21 school year. Parents/guardians who wish to change their child’s established end of day routine (pick up or bus ridership) must contact their child’s elementary school office by 2:00 p.m. on the day they wish to make that change.


Will there be a fully-online option for my child, should I so choose?

We understand that these are challenging times and we know that every family needs to make a decision that is best for their personal circumstances. Cumberland Valley’s Virtual Academy option will provide increased rigor with both live instruction by CV teachers and recorded lessons for students. CVVA’s online curriculum and instruction are aligned to CV’s standards, curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices. More information, including sample schedules and an overview of instruction, can be found at Due to a very large number of students who have requested placement in the Virtual Academy, students are currently being placed on a waitlist for this placement. The District will work to accommodate all parents who choose this option for their children, but may be unable to do so due to staffing constraints.

I signed my child up for CVVA. How do I know if they were enrolled?

All students who opted by August 14, 2020, to be enrolled into CVVA, including those who were placed onto the waitlist, will be registered for this fully-online program. A formal registration notice will be sent to those families in the coming days.

Can students move between Virtual Academy and face-to-face learning?

We are asking students who sign up for CVVA for a commitment of at least one grading period (Secondary students = Marking Period / Elementary Students = Trimester) before other enrollment options are considered. Should students begin school using face-to-face instruction and then decide they would like to move to CVVA, the District will work to accommodate that request.

Are CVHS students who take courses at Cumberland-Perry Area Vocational Technical School able to enroll in Virtual Academy?

Yes, students enrolled in CPAVTS are eligible for Virtual Academy.  However, students choosing this option will attend the AM session at CPATVS.  

If I want to enroll one of my children into Virtual Academy, must I enroll all of my children who attend CV schools into the fully-online model?

Parents are encouraged to select the model (CVVA or face-to-face) which best suits each individual student’s needs.

What is the grading process for CVVA?

CVVA students will be graded in the same way traditional students are graded. Elementary proficiency will be recorded in Mastery Connect.  Secondary student grades will be visible in Schoology and will sync to Skyward. High School transcripts will read “Cumberland Valley High School.”

Is my student able to return to traditional when the virus subsides?

You can make a new enrollment decision at the end of each marking period, but we ask that you wait until the END of the marking period before re-enrolling your child in traditional learning. 

Will the District still hold instrumental lessons for CVVA students?

It is still our intention to hold instrumental lessons. Instrumental lessons will be offered remotely for CVVA students by one of our band/orchestra teachers.   

If parents enroll students in CVVA, but later in the summer COVID is being contained and it is now safe to send their child back to traditional, is that an option? What about the opposite?

Changing a student enrollment closer to the start date of school will be challenging, as it impacts other student and teacher schedules. We ask parents to make the best decision you can now, and we can explore those options as the school year approaches.

Can students take BOTH online courses AND traditional courses at the same time, in order to take electives or courses NOT available in CVVA?

Students enrolled in CVVA are full time online students, so coming into the building will not be an option. This is due to the daily schedules of CVVA and CVSD schools not aligning.

When will I be able to move my child back to the traditional classroom?

You can make a new enrollment decision at the end of each grading period, but we ask that you wait until the END of the grading period.

Will my child be able to take Honors and/or Advanced Placement courses through CVVA?


Will my child be able to participate in middle/high school athletics and extracurriculars through CVVA?

Yes, CVVA students are invited to participate in school athletics and extracurriculars when these programs are running.

Will my child be able to participate in the JROTC program through CVVA? 

CVVA students will be able to participate in the JROTC program though some modifications may be necessary due to program requirements.

Will CVVA students be provided with anything beyond a device (laptop, iPad, etc)? 

Course materials will be provided digitally unless the student's academic learning plan requires a hard copy.

Will CVVA students have access to the school library to borrow books? 

CVVA students will have E-books and numerous digital resources available for check out. District library staff is exploring options for student check out of materials from our libraries within the Health and Safe guidelines established by the district and state.

Will my child get all the courses (and will they have the same rigor) in the Virtual Academy that they would have on their schedule if they were face -to-face?

Yes.  All content and activities available during live instruction are also available as part of CVVA.

Does my child have to be present for live instruction during CVVA courses? 

In order for us to provide live instruction through CVVA to our students (that allows for similar rigor in courses and for students who enroll in CVVA to move easily back to face-to-face instruction during the school year), students must attend classes with live instruction at the times they are scheduled. Student attendance in each class will be taken as well. Students who miss class will have the same options they normally have if they are absent and will be able to keep up with coursework in Schoology and also connect with teachers during office hours to make up missed activities. 

Are all classes available in all formats?

With only a few exceptions, all classes are available in all formats. Some of the College in the High School courses offered through HACC and some of the Physical Education electives are not available due to “hands on requirements” (Ex. HACC Applied Medical Science, Lifeguarding, CPR). There are some classes in which specific content and activities will be modified to accommodate an online format. The CVHS schedule is one of the most complex high school schedules in Pennsylvania. This is due to the size of the high school and also the breadth of courses offered to students. With the modifications made to the high school schedule, all classes can now be accommodated. 

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